by Lucija Ana Bićanić

What is the common between a profile picture of a man with a dog and a profile picture of a man with a niece / nephew? They both want to portray themselves as gentle and caring souls who are also responsible for caring for children and / or animals. Does this mean that the winner is the one who has both a child and a dog in the picture?

So it doesn’t  turn out that we only truncate the male sex, you must have found yourself looking at someone else’s pet while walking your dog, but then you have cought a little better glimpse at the owner. Let’s see what dog – owner combination is bidding today. It’s great if the dogs get along, and it’s not out of the question if the owners are responding as well.

You know that awkward silence and a smile as your dogs chase one another through the muddy meadow, “they meet and greet” – and we know what it looks like in the dog world (sniff sniff), you have pajamas under your knee-length jacket and wonder how someone at half past 7 in the morning managed to get dressed and washed his face? You smile lightly and sourly, nod your head and tell your dog to come, because you have to go. And then the other person stops you, saying some worn-out phrase like your dog is just great and you could be walking your dogs together more often (it doesn’t matter that it’s early dawn). And you are not well. Or maybe you are? After all, he / she is not so bad and the dog is cute. It’s way too early, maybe you will meet another time.

For the next five walks, you pretend that nothing happened and that you didn’t like either the dog or the owner. And then one night you bump into each other while your dog is rolling in some stinking cluster and you are yelling at him to get away from there. Maybe it’s fate? At least you’re not in your pajamas this time. You wave lightly. Interestingly, no one has a wedding ring, so maybe you were invited to a date?  You take another good look at the owner, now the dog is in the background. You start the story of how you have to put the dog in the bathtub and scrape all the stench out of it, you talk about dogs mostly, you are there because of them after all… and poof – half an hour passes. You have arranged a walk tomorrow, of course with the dogs. Maybe soon you will find yourself without four-legged escorts?


Autor fotke – mskathrynne from Pixabay

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